weekend getaway 3A weekend getaway can do wonders for the spirit. Because, let’s face it, sometimes you just need to get away. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery and a change of pace. That is what we did when we stayed at the Grand Hyatt Resort in Tampa Bay. It was September 9th 2016 and my wife, my sister, and I were all feeling the sting of everyday life and needed to refuel and reset. We decided that a trip to Tampa would be just the thing to do that.

It was far enough away to feel like you went somewhere yet not too far that you needed to catch a flight to get there. We started out on our journey at 8:30 pm. It was only supposed to be a four hour ride. We decided to take stops at rest stops along the way so that we don’t burn out any one driver. This turned out to be the wrong move. Every where that seemed like a rest stop just ended up being in town somewhere with those stores in strip mall of some kind.

We wasted a lot of time looking for a genuine rest area, without finding one. This weekend getaway was off to a great start. Are they all gone? It sure seemed like it on this trip. Needless to say, a four hour trip turned into a six hour trip. And to top matters off, we were stopped by a cop telling us to turn off our high beam lights while driving on the interstate. What? I thought that was when you were supposed to have them on. The officer told us that driving behind someone with your high beams on could cause accidents.

He also informed us that it would be a huge fine and at least 3 points on my license for doing so. He let me off with a warning as I promised to turn them off. By the time we arrived in Tampa, we were more than tired. Once we entered Tampa we headed for the hotel that we booked using TravelWell101.com of course. However, once we drove up to the place we weekend getaway 2booked, we soon realized the quality just wasn’t there.

We looked around the neighborhood and there were two strip clubs with minutes of each other. This was our indication that this was not quite the area we wanted to be in to recharge and refuel. We began to google four star hotels in the Tampa area. The first Hotel that popped up was the Grand Hyatt. And the best part, it was only 10 minutes away. So off we went to the Grand Hyatt. The pictures looked good online, but so did the hotel we booked earlier.

As we saw it from the interstate, we were impressed with the building alone. When we finally pulled up we were awe struck with the entrance of this beautiful hotel. The Grand in Grand Hyatt is not just for show. Finally this weekend getaway was taking a turn for the better. This hotel is truly grand. and the staff was just as grand. Selena was the person that checked us in and she was very kind and knowledgeable. First we told her that we saw a price online for $139 per night and she promptly checked and found it for us. We also asked for a room on the highest floor they had and she very kindly made it happen. We stayed on the highest floor they had. The 14th floor.

Once we arrived in our room, we found everything perfect and beautiful. We soon found out that we had Sonia (not sure of the spelling) to thank for such a beautiful room. There were no dust spots on any of the furniture. The bathroom was spotless and looked like no one had ever been in that room. To put it in plain English, the room was much more than we expected but not more than it should be for such a high class hotel.

weekend getaway 1The next day we got up and took a walk around the grounds and found it very peaceful and relaxing. We stopped by one of the pools and just relaxed. We asked for some ice cold water and got it right away with a smile. By the time we left the hotel to head home we were truly refreshed. This was certainly one of the best hotel experiences we have had and we will definitely be going back the next time we are in Tampa. The Grand Hyatt is just that, Grand. If you are looking for an upscale luxurious hotel to stay on your next vacation to Tampa, please go to the Grand Hyatt. You won’t regret it.

What a weekend. This was a weekend getaway we will not soon forget. Oh and don’t forget to ask for Selena. She’ll take care of your stay. Although I have a feeling all of the employees are like that. And if you are fortunate enough to have your room done by Sonia, you will have absolutely nothing to complain about. Remember don’t just travel, Travel Well.

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